The Present

Aashi Dhaniya
3 min readMar 7, 2019


[03:30 p.m.] Kid: Mom, there’s a box on the kitchen counter.

Can I open it?



[03:31 p.m.] Mom: go ahead open it

[03:31 p.m.]Kid: The cardboard woofed D:

Is it what I think it is?


[03:31 p.m.] Mom: Just open it

Happy birthday :)

— — —

[03:33 p.m.] Did you open it yet?


[03:35 p.m.] Kid: Very funny mom.

[03:35 p.m.] Mom: What?

[03:35 p.m.] Kid: you know what. I’ll ttyl.

Thanks for the stupid gift

[03:36 p.m.] Mom: C’mon don’t be like that.

[03:36 p.m.] Kid: Just stop

[03:36 p.m.] Mom: Stop what?

[03:36 p.m.] Kid: Acting all innocent?

I know you did this on purpose.

[03:37 p.m.] Mom: I don’t know what you mean.

[03:37 p.m.] Kid: Thanks for ruining my birthday.

[03:37 p.m.] Mom: Alex…

[03:37 p.m.] Kid: Why would you do this?

[03:37 p.m.] Mom: I thought it was about time you learned that things are more than what they look like.

[03:38 p.m.] Kid: Very clever.

[03:38 p.m.] Mom: Whatever do you mean.

[03:38 p.m.] Kid: A blind dog would’ve done the same job. Instead of THIS.

[03:38 p.m.] Mom: Alex, just play with him.

[03:38 p.m.] Kid: As if this broken thing could move.

[03:39 p.m.] Mom: It’s not a thing. And it’s not broken.

[03:39 p.m.] Kid: It has one less leg. :)

That’s not how they are supposed to be. :)

See for yourself. :)

[03:40 p.m.] Mom: Looks perfectly fine to me. :)

[03:42 p.m.] Kid: LOL. it fell down 3 times trying to pick up a stupid ball :)

Told you

Broken :)

[03:43 p.m.] Mom: Alex

[03:43 p.m.] Kid: ?

[03:43 p.m.] Mom: Nothing

[03:43 p.m.] Kid: Wow, this idiot just doesn’t give up.

LOL, it ran into the shoe cupboard.

Doesn’t he get tired?

Where did you find him?

[03:44 p.m.] Mom: At the shelter.

[03:44 p.m.] Kid: And obviously you will tell me how it lost the leg?

[03:45 p.m.] Mom: Do you want me to?

[03:45 p.m.] Kid: Nope

[03:45 p.m.] Mom: Then I won’t

[03:46 p.m.] Kid: He has been trying to roll back onto his feet from last 3 minutes -_-

[03:46 p.m.] Mom: I’ll be home early. We can go out for dinner?

[03:46 p.m.] Kid: Sure

[03:48 p.m.] Sisyphus

[03:49 p.m.] Mom:?

[03:49 p.m.] Kid: His name?

[03:50 p.m.] Mom: Lol why?

[03:50 p.m.] Kid: I think it’s funny

[03:50 p.m.] Mom: it’s not funny

He’s more than just a three legged dog

[03:51 p.m.] Kid: Yeah, like what?

[03:51 p.m.] Mom: He’s family :)

[03:51 p.m.] Kid: ugh

[03:51 p.m.] Mom: Also it’s a she.

[03:51 p.m.] Kid: Wew Yeah

[03:52 p.m.] Mom: So, playing with her?

[03:52 p.m.] Kid: Nice try. But no.

[03:52 p.m.] Mom: Let me know if you change your mind.

[03:52 p.m.] Kid: Won’t happen…

[03:52 p.m.] Mom: Sure

[03:52 p.m.] Kid: I am telling you.

[03:53 p.m.] Mom: Sure

[03:53 p.m.] Kid: Don’t expect much

[03:53 p.m.] Mom: I have work to do

— — -

[03:55 p.m.] Kid: She is circling around me -.-

Tell her to leave me alone.

[03:57 p.m.] Mom: Don’t disturb me. I’m working.

[03:59 p.m.] Kid: SHE LICKED MY FACE

[04:00 p.m.] Mom: Dont make me mute you Alex…

[04:01 p.m.] Kid: We’ll be outside -.-

Only because I’m bored

And because she won’t stop woofing -.-

[04:03 p.m.] Mom: Have fun.