Creative Conceptualization for Animated YouTube Video

Aashi Dhaniya
7 min readMar 7, 2019



The story follows a chimpanzee who has accidentally come out of the forest and into the city. He walks into someone’s backyard where he finds a 4-year old kid. The kid is so shocked to see the chimpanzee, he lets go of the balloon in his hand. The chimpanzee tries to understand why the kid has an incredulous look on his face. He notices that the kid is standing on two feet and then sees that he is standing on four. He quickly gets up and stands on two feet mimicking the kid in front of him. But the kid’s expression doesn’t change. So the chimpanzee wonders what else he could do. He then notices that the kid is wearing clothes. He finds a pair of shorts hanging in the backyard which he quickly walks towards on two feet and grabs a hold of them. He shoves his legs in the shorts and looks back at the kid. The kid’s look of astonishment still doesn’t go away. The chimpanzee thinks again about what it could be. He then sees the mask in the kid’s hands. He gets an idea. He reaches for the mask and places it on his face. Finally! The kid’s face shows a smile. The chimpanzee is pleased with himself.

The smell of hot food comes out of the house window and reaches the two of them. The chimpanzee and the kid both sniff it and are delighted at the thought of food. They walk into the house and see a plate full of pancakes and a basket full of bananas lying on a table. The chimpanzee swoons at the sight of the bananas. He rushes to the table and gobbles a lot of the bananas in quick succession. He notices the kid staring at him with the strange look again. He ignores it and eats more bananas until his face turns purple from eating too much food all at once. The kid sees this and shakes his head to tell the chimpanzee that he is eating all wrong. He then demonstrates to the chimpanzee how to eat a banana. He picks one banana from the bunch and peels it slowly. He then eats a tiny bit of it to show the chimpanzee how to bite and chew. He encourages the chimpanzee to try to do the same. The chimpanzee picks up one banana from the bunch the way the kid had shown him. He peels it properly, slowly and with two fingers. He then eats a tiny bite and chews with his mouth completely closed the way the kid had done. The kid claps because the chimpanzee has finally learned to eat properly. The chimpanzee smiles and happily eats the rest of his banana.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Scene 1


Woods in the back and a backyard up front. Clothes are hanging off a rope in the middle of the yard. There is green grass on the ground. You can see the backside of a house. A door and an open window are visible. There are 2 footsteps in front of the door to step onto the backyard.


The chimpanzee walks out of the woods. Behind him are trees. He walks to the backyard in front of him waddling on all four of his limbs. Everything is new to him.

The chimpanzee observes his surroundings. He notices the clothes drying on a rope. He sees the back of the house and the open window. He looks at the ground with green grass.

Then Chitti, a 4-year old boy, walks out into the backyard from the house door. The boy is dressed in dull green shorts, yellow t-shirt, and red sneaker shoes. He has a red balloon in one hand and a brown monkey mask in the other hand.

The monkey mask has holes for eyes and black whiskers on a tiny black nose.

The boy walks onto the grass in the backyard. He is playing with the mask. He puts the mask on his face then makes an animal noise. He then takes the mask off.

He finds a chimpanzee standing in the backyard. The chimpanzee and Chitti’s eyes meet for a moment. Both of their eyes go wide at the same time when they see each other. Jaw dropped open, Chitti forgets to grip onto his balloon, and it flies away.

The chimpanzee sees the strange look on Chitti’s face and tries to understand the reason behind it. His eyes travel down on Chitti’s feet. He sees the boy standing on two legs. He looks down at his own legs. All four of them are on the ground. He immediately stands up on his two feet, mimicking Chitti.

The chimpanzee stares back at the boy to see if the look on his face has changed. But the boy’s expression remains the same. Chitti is still staring at the chimpanzee wide-eyed.

The chimpanzee wonders what else he could do. He then sees Chitti’s shorts. The camera follows down from Chitti’s face to his clothes(shorts).

The chimpanzee looks around and his eyes find a pair of blue shorts hanging off the rope. He walks towards the shorts on two feet, wobbling a little since he is new to walking using only two of his limbs.

Once he reaches, the chimpanzee tugs at the shorts hanging from the rope. And yanks them free. The rope rolls in circles twice along with all the clothes then stops.

The chimpanzee quickly shoves his feet into the holes of the pants and stands arms akimbo staring at the boy once he has worn them. The pants bearly fit him. He has a smile of satisfaction on his face.

But Chitti still has a clueless, dumb look to him. The Chimpanzee sees it and scratches his head not understanding what else he must do.

Then something occurs to him. His eyes find the monkey mask in Chitti’s hand.

He goes up to Chitti and snatches the mask from his hand and puts it on his face.

Chitti’s expression changes. He blinks many times, staring at the chimpanzee. Then tilts his head. Finally, he smiles at the chimpanzee.

Smoke wafts out of the kitchen window. Both Chitti and the chimpanzee sniff deeply. The smoke travels into their nostrils. Both of their faces light up at the thought of food.

Chitti walks back to the door and the chimpanzee follows him. Both of them walk into the house. The chimpanzee is still in his shorts and is wearing a monkey mask on his face.

Scene 2


Inside the house is a table. A plate full of hot, steaming pancakes is placed at its center. A basket full of bananas is kept at its side.


The chimpanzee’s face lights up at the sight of the banana basket. The camera then zooms to the banana basket then back to the chimpanzee’s face. His eyes turn into hearts for a second relishing the idea of that many bananas.

He rushes to the banana basket and tucks his monkey mask away.

His mouth waters at the sight of the bananas. He licks his lips all around before eating.

He then grabs hold of two bananas at the same time. He squeezes one and it goes straight into his mouth. He throws the banana peel on the floor in a hurry. He shoves the entire banana into his mouth all at once. Then he squeezes the other banana, and pop it goes into his mouth again.

He is still chewing the first banana as he gobbles the second. And as soon as his hands are free, he grabs the third banana from the bunch.

He devours four bananas until his mouth is full. He chews the bananas with his mouth open, bearing all his teeth. Bits of bananas stick to the sides of his mouth and some drop around him. He makes chewing and crunching noises as he eats.

Chitti is a little dumbfounded watching the entire scene. His mouth is slightly open in confusion from watching the chimpanzee eat like an animal.

The chimpanzee’s eyes meet Chitti’s confused ones and he stops mid-bite with his eyes blinking at Chitti. He does not understand Chitti’s clueless expression.

Chitti blinks back at the Chimpanzee twice. The chimpanzee notices that the boy has the same strange look on his face again.

The chimpanzee decides to ignore Chitti tempted by the bananas. He goes for another round. This time gobbling even more bananas at the same time until his face turns purple from having too much food in his mouth. His expression changes from one of delight to that of sickness.

Chitti is still staring at the chimpanzee. The chimpanzee looks at Chitti with a sick expression and his face still purple.

Chitti shakes his head three times with his eyes closed, trying to tell the chimpanzee he is eating the bananas all wrong.

The chimpanzee gulps the food in his mouth with a little bit of difficulty. His face goes back to normal.

Chitti takes the initiative to show the chimpanzee how to eat. He walks towards the table and stands next to the chimpanzee.

Chitti picks up a banana from the bunch and displays it to the monkey. The chimpanzee tilts his head at Chitti, observing him intently.

Chitti then peels the banana patiently and displays it to the chimpanzee again. The chimpanzee scratches his head this time but still pays attention.

Chitti then takes a small bite from the banana and chews it with his mouth closed and eyes shut in delight.

Once he gulps down the food, Chitti looks at the chimpanzee then he looks at the basket full of bananas then back to the chimpanzee again.

The chimpanzee understands Chitti’s request and reaches for a banana. This time he only takes one in his hand and holds it delicately with two of his fingers.

He looks at Chitti who tilts his head with a smile on his face, encouraging the chimpanzee.

The chimpanzee peels the banana as Chitti had demonstrated. He looks at Chitti again for affirmation.

Chitti nods his head in approval, telling him to continue. The chimpanzee bites the tiniest bit of the banana and chews it with his mouth closed. He is still a little wide-eyed and concerned. He looks back at Chitti wanting to confirm if he did it right.

Chitti claps to tell the chimpanzee that he has finally eaten the banana correctly!

The chimpanzee jumps in excitement. Then he takes another bite of the banana with his eyes closed in happiness.