And if the snow could scream, it would. It bled already, like a woman prematurely losing the life in her womb, the carnage dripping down the barks of the trees, the scalding hot blood melting the thin layer of frost as it snaked down the wood. The whole forest reeked of blood, the thick stench carried in the air like a message in a bottle meant to find every ear that could listen, foretelling a great unbecoming. …

And if the snow could scream, it would.

“Run, Carmine.”

That voice was in my head, instructions from my own common sense. My feet fell heavy and hard on the damp foliage. I wanted to be swift. In my head, I commanded my muscles to obey but my body was betraying me. Not on purpose, I know. I’m a well-oiled machine that never fails, never misses its mark. Carmine Fay never misses a beat and here I am, on a goose-chase, steadily losing all motor-control, vision-blurring.

Somehow in my peripheral vision, the trees still whirred past. I was still in…

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If you have tears in your eyes, droplets rolling down your cheeks, a gut-wrenching knot in your stomach, and unimaginable pain emanating from somewhere within your heart, read this.

I will not tell you it’s okay because it most definitely is not. Nobody deserves to be taken so far away from themselves that they can barely recognize their own shadow. I will also not tell you it gets better because it really depends on how you define better. And I will not tell you to stop crying but not for the reason you might think.

I have come to find…

Adding healthy habits to your daily routine can transform your life but removing unhealthy habits that aren’t serving you can really give you the boost you need to get started on your self-development journey in 2020.

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that removing something has got to be easier than adding something new. Here’s the catch, not by a long shot. Because some of the habits that we have been repeating for years, day after day, can almost become part of our identity.

Have you had enough of intrusive thoughts that keep popping in your head and just won’t go away? Maybe it’s time to ditch some of these thinking patterns that might be holding you back.

The human mind is a funny thing. It can be razor-sharp when it needs to be but if you’re not careful with how to use it, it’ll surely land you some papercuts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a user manual so we’ve got to figure it out ourselves.

You know how they popularly say,

We suffer more in the mind than in reality.

Within that is…

I hack away at the street console that the RA has sanctioned me to fix. This one is old and rickety and wouldn’t budge. I’ve been at it for three hours now and running the calculation in my head over and over again, I’m certain this gig has already cost me five days worth of breakfast. When food is on the line and not on the plate, that’s when it gets tough to enjoy a challenge. I step back from the console a little and sweep pouring sweat from my brow as I assess the situation. …

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“What did you say Eugene did now?” I ask Zel raising an eyebrow in suspicion because I hope it’s not what I think it is.

“He went ahead and cut my hair short, see — ”

Oh, I saw.

“What did we talk about setting boundaries, Zel?” I catch myself with that temper of mine. “You know what, scratch that. When he cut your hair, how did that make you feel?”

I see many clients who lose all sense of themselves and are absolutely smitten once “love” arrives. …

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Part 1

When Yurnero walked in, lord Neherazi was pacing up and down in the council room with his hands meticulously tucked behind him. Unsurprisingly, nothing in his demeanor suggested that the Isle of Masks was now on the brink of war.

Instead of Lord Neherazi, Yurnero fixated his gaze on the empty chair in the background that belongs to the head of the council. It hasn’t been occupied by someone worthy of its weight in a long time. The war was merely an inevitability. The only problem, according to Yurnero, was that the man in front of him would…

Quentin’s shoe scuffed against cobblestone. His foot tripped on the damp floor and he was about to fall but the old man gripped the back of his t-shirt and pulled him hard. A chill went up Quentin’s spine which made him notice the thin layer of snow on the road. The crowd of passers-by paid them no mind.

Before Quentin could take in his new surroundings, the old man tugged at his t-shirt and pulled him away from the busy street bustle and under the shade of a tree not too far off the road.

“Put this on,” the man…

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Writing, essentially, is a string of choices you make about how to deliver information. You can SHOW a detail or you can TELL a fact. Often times, the best way to deliver this information is to conceal it. Or, more accurately, to hint at it. Often times, what’s not on the page is more valuable than what is. Often times,


In John Green’s latest YA contemporary novel, Turtles All the Way Down, this is Aza the protagonist talking about her car.

“He was a sixteen-year-old Toyota Corolla with a paint color called Mystic Teal Mica and an…

Aashi Dhaniya

Stories. Sometimes of words, sometimes of people.

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